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Multi day Hiking Trips

Option 1 (3 days)

Day 1: 2 Hours drive or 4 hours hiking

The tours begins in Lushoto with an uphill walk to Kwembago the ancient village of the Data family, a sub-clan of the royal Kilindi line, experience Shambala villages. Kwembago is situated along mountains range with panoramic views over Lushoto valley, the Maasai steppe and the surrounding mountain of the western Usambara mountains. From Kwembago the walking tour continues through Magamba rain forest where rare plants and animal life can be seen after two hours of walking. After walking we drive to Mtae and arrive in time to see the sunset over the plain and distant Pare mountains. You stay a night at Mtae Hostel.

Day 2: 5-6 hours hiking

The day begins around 7:30am with stroll through the village of Mtae to a view point from which you can see Mt Kilimanjaro on clear days. After which we begin to Climb the Shaghayu Peak 2220M which has spectacular views to the Pare Mountains across the borders with Kenya. On your way you pass Mpanga, where there is an exceptional assortment of plants and animals that represent one of the highest degrees of biodiversity on the continent, like Shangayu, the rain forest, serves as play ground for various monkey species.

Day 3: 6 - 7 hours hiking

This last days walk takes you either to Mamboleo or Tema. These villages are noted for their soil conservation and traditional irrigation projects which concentrate on the development of stone or bench terraces to improve farming. Your guide will give you full explanation about traditional Shamba farming method and how they adapt to their local environment conditions. Mamboleo and Tema present picturesque example of how the Shamba have combined their traditional architecture, conical, thatched earthen houses with introduced architectural styles such as the rectangular “Swahili” house. The following morning you leave for Lushoto by driving.

Multi day Hiking Option 2 (4 days)

Day 1: 6.5 Hours

In Magamba rain forest, you visit an old trench dug by the Germans during world war here your guide will provide an explanation of local German and British colonial history, weaving in and out of magnificent lush tree lined dirt pathway, takes you to the village of Lukozi where you spend the night at the hostel or at the Lodge.

Day 2: 5 - 6 Hours

From Lukozi you walk along the valley with views of the sloping hills sides of the inner Usambara mountains, passing by vegetable farms lined with eucalyptus and banana trees. Our journey takes us through the villages of Kilindi, Mkose and Kagulio, until you reach Rangwi where you spend a night at the charming Rangwi Catholic Mission or at guest house.

Day 3: 5 - 6 Hours

The tour continue uphill via either Tema or Mamboleo (see option 1, day 3 above: 5- 6 hour walk)

Day 4: 3 - 4 Hours

Wake up at 6:30AM to view Kilimanjaro summit 250kms over the plains and distant Pare mountains. Then walk back for breakfast at the hostel and at 9:30AM continue to Mtae mtii view point. The village is lies on the top of the hill in a triangle shape then walk back to Mtae to spend night then the next day drive back to Lushoto.

Multi day Hiking Option 3 (6 days)

1-4 are as with option 2 above followed by:

Day 5: 5 - 6 Hours

Start the walk at 7:30AM from Mtae passing through tropical Shangayu rainforest where you learn about the traditional plant based medicines. The walk is cool and quiet in the forest, where you may see black and white colobus monkey, butterflies and chameleons. You will experince some culture when we arrive at the village where you learn and see the traditional activities performed by Shamba tribes, the local shires ideas and see their general life before spending a night at the Mlalo village Hostel.

Day 6: 5 - 6 Hours

Mlalo has an alluring famous old German Church and missionary station, raom around the yard, see the gardens, then walk to the highest of the Usambara mountains called Mtumbi and then visit several markets, including the village pottery woman's project. We then drive back to Lushoto to finish the trip or a night there and next day drive to Lushoto to end the adventure trekking.

Multi day Hiking Option 4 (6 days )

Day 1-5 are as with option 2 and 3 above followed by:

Day 6: 5 - 6 Hours

After breakfast walk through small village with nice view over Lushoto and the Maasai steppe whilst visiting local irrigation farming and different land escarpment until you reach Soni village, before a walk to Soni waterfall, after that spending a night at the lodge.

Multi day Hiking Option 5 (4 days )

Day 1: 5-6 hours
p>After breakfast walk through small village with nice view over Lushoto and the Maasai steppe whilst visiting local irrigation farming and different land escarpment until you reach Soni village, before a walk to Soni waterfall, after that spending a night at the lodge.

Day 2: 6 - 7 Hours

Walk through Kwamongo and Magila. From the walk continues to the Bumbuli Mission Hospital a German settlement. Where you spend a night at Bumbuli.

Day 3-4: 4 - 5 hours

Then walk to the Mazumbai rain forest resave a bird watchers paradise see amazing big trees and learn their uses as local medicine and a lot flora and fauna then stay there or drive back to Lushoto to end adventure hiking.

Multi day Hiking Option 6 (8 days)

Day 1: 5 - 6 Hours

​​ Walk from Lushoto through Kwisimu – Magamba

Day 2: 5 - 6 Hours

Start the walk after breakfast to Mtae via Mamboleo, Tema as described in option 1 day 3 then stay in Mtae a traditional village laid on top the hill in a triangle shape then enjoy the colorful sunset then stay their either in a lodge or camping.

Day 3: 5 - 6 Hours

Drive from Mtae drive downwards toward Pare mountains meeting some Maasai families along the way until you catch Mkomazi National park. We take a game drive that afternoon, before camping or stay at the lodge.

Day 4: 3 - 4 Hours Walking

Experience a walking safari within the park, enjoy the beautiful landscape including Kilimanjaro, Eastern arc mountain (Pare and Usambara mountains and associated hills, walking through Acacia, Commiphore woodlands, viewing many animals, birds, reptiles and insects. Drive to Arusha for overnight.

Day 5: 3 - 4 Hours

Drive from Arusha to Momela gate then start the walk to Miriakamba hut explore Meru crater in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight at Miriakamba hut.

Day 6: 5 - 6 Hours

Approximately three hours climb from Miriakamba hut to saddle hut. 1:30 hours climb to little Meru in the afternoon, great views looking back at the hutt, afterget some well needed rest that night.

Day 7: 5 - 6 Hours

Ascend to Meru Summit 4566M and then return to the saddle hut for breakfast the walk down to Miriakamba hut 2500m for overnight.

Day 8: 5 - 6 Hours

After a good rest at the hut take a long route with a moderate slope down to Momela gate through forest back to Arusha to end the trip.

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